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Wood Burning Fireplace Care

Caring for your Wood Burning Fireplace and Chimney


It is recommended that you get your wood burning chimney and fireplace cleaned and swept once yearly to ensure it remains in good working order.

The National Fire Code of Canada Division B

Chimneys, Flues and Flue Pipes.

  1. Every chimney, flue and flue pipe shall be inspected to identify any dangerous condition
    1. At intervals not greater than 12 months.
    2. At the time of addition of any appliance, and
    3. After any chimney fire.
  2. Chimneys, flues, and flue pipes shall be cleaned as often as necessary to keep them free from dangerous accumulations of combustible deposits.
  3. A chimney, flue, or flue pipe shall be replaced or repaired to eliminate
    1. Any structural deficiency or decay, and
    2. All abandoned or unused openings that are not effectively sealed in a manner that would prevent the passage of fire or smoke.


Having your chimney inspected/swept yearly is important for the ongoing efficiency of your wood burning fireplace as well as safety. Large amounts of soot and creosote build-up can result in an increased danger of chimney fires.


When you get your chimney inspected/swept annually the WETT certified Chimney Sweep will be able to see possible damage and aging in your chimney that could become a safety concern over time.


Many insurance policies require your wood burning chimney be inspected yearly, as per the fire code. It is recommended that you check what your insurance company’s requirements are.


A common misconception is that your chimney should be swept in the fall just before wood burning season begins, but it is actually better to do so in the spring, just after wood burning season. The reason for this is that when burning wood, soot and creosote (corrosive materials) builds up on the inside of your chimney and fireplace. If you leave it all summer and into the fall that corrosive material sits in your chimney and wears it down. However, if you get it swept at the end of the season it will extend the life of your chimney and flue system.


Booking your sweep in the fall may also result in delays as many chimney companies have waiting lists for sweeps at this time of year. To ensure your chimney and fireplace are ready when the cold weather hits it is best to book your sweep in the spring.


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Henry Nagtegaal

President of Winnipeg Chimney Service.